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Have you used your dental insurance for 2017?

Before you start listing what to shop on Black Friday or before you even start planning for the Christmas holidays, it is important to book your dental appointment and use your dental insurance plan before it expires.

While your calendar may be filling up soon with parties, shopping, and other stuff, it is an important time for you to squeeze in your dental appointment.

It is a given – regular check-ups and cleaning help you maintain good oral health. But that’s not the only reason why you need to use up your dental benefits before the year ends.

We’ve compiled 5 important reasons why you should visit your local dentist before 2017 ends


Trick or Teeth: How to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth During Halloween

Ah, here comes Halloween!

happy halloween friendly dentalIt’s that time of the year when kids and young-alike are happily dressed in their scary and fun costumes bouncing from door to door to get their treats.

Kids are at their happiest state when they have lots of candy.

Without teaching proper teeth care, Halloween is every parent’s nightmare. Statistics show that Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy every year just for Halloween.

Imagine those huge amounts of sweets going to your child’s trick or treat basket. Reports also show that children consume nearly 7,000 calories during Halloween.

Why do these numbers matter?

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Use or Lose 2017 Dental Benefits as they will Expire in: 75 Days 7 Hours 6 Minutes 15 Seconds
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